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Fiesta Crafts Fish N Count Race

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Fun Way to Encourage Counting Skills

When it comes to learning to count, and improving coordination and memory skills, making it fun and engaging can really help a child to develop more quickly and with a greater level of confidence. The Fish and Count game with 'Magical' sticky rods has been designed to do just that! It's a game with an educational message at its heart that will have children learning to count while immersed in the world of play. Players use fishing rods to fish ducks out of a pond, adding numbers on yellow ducks and subtracting numbers on green ones in order to be the first one to reach their target number. A truly fun and interactive way to encourage counting and numerical development. Comes complete with fabric playing pond, lily pad game board, 2 counting boards, 2 wooden fishing rods with 'magical' glue-free sticky pick-up pads, 36 counting ducks and crocodiles, a target ring, 4 games marker stars, 2 playing tokens and an instruction sheet.