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Science X Maxi Crystals & Gems

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Provides an introduction to the dazzling world of geology

Crystals and Gems - almost all solids found in nature consist of crystals. Crystals are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. Minerals, which are the building blocks of crystals, liquefy inside the earth under strong pressure and high heat. When minerals cool back down, they solidify in an impressive, uniform system, into crystals. The process often takes a very long time. The especially rare and beautiful crystals and minerals, which particularly fascinate us due to their shape and colour, are called gemstones. Want to learn more about these natural wonders? Come along on a journey through the galaxy of crystals and gemstones! As well as the content provided in the box, you will also need the following items from your home, to complete the experiments successfully; • Atlas • Bag (small) • Bowl • Cardboard • Coins • Colored Paper • Construction Paper • Cotton Wool • Cutting Board • A Glass • Glass Jars (2) wide • Glue • Hand Towel • Kitchen Scale • Newspaper • Paper Towels • Pencil • Pot & Potholder • Salt • Scissors • Shoebox • Stones (small) • Toothpicks (at least 18) • Water (hot & cold).  Makes an ideal gift for a child.  

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